Living In His Blessings

And Praising Him Every Step of the Way

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Me with the losers!!! ; )

Okay ~ all I'm going to say is THAT WAS AN AWESOME DAY!!! Gig Em Aggies!!!

Thanksgiving 2006

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! We celebrated ours a little early this year since other family planning created conflicts. But, regardless, we had a great time!! I've posted a couple pics on Check it out!!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Ryann is definitely MY daughter. About ten minutes ago, my mom and I were sitting in the kitchen talking about the fact that I missed my favorite show on Thursday night this week. I asked her if she recorded it and she said "yes". I said, "Okay, I'm going to go watch Grey's"......and then, without missing a beat, Ryann chimes in "Grey's Anatomy?" Seriously. My child is SO smart!!!! Okay ~ now I'm going to go watch Grey's. Seriously!! : )

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


The girls and I went to play golf with my dad a couple of weekends ago and I finally got some pics. I've actually decided that Ryann is going to be a runner.....her idea of fun is to run in front of the golf cart while we drive. She'd rather run than ride.....she loves it!! Anyway here are a couple of pics ~ maybe we'll look back when they've gone pro and see where they started.
I know that I've been promising new pics for a while....I've finally got them uploaded. So check it out!! The Halloween pictures that I've been promising are up!!
Mel : )

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It pays to exercise....

For any of you who don't already know, I've recently started a work-out regime......cause I want to lose weight. And thusfar, I've lost about 20 pounds! Yay me!

So, yesterday after work I went to the gym and was looking through my gym bag trying to find a new battery for my MP3. Finally I look in the last pocket available for inspection and what do I find??? My chapstick that I "lost" a couple of weeks ago......and what appears to be money. So, I pulled it out and was like cool ~ a $20!! Then upon further inspection I realized that there were two bills there. Two twenty dollar bills! I'm rich!!!

See, working out does pay!! ; )

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A whole lot of nothing........

There's really not much to report right now ~ I just figured it had been a while since I'd posted anything new.

Ryann and Kamri are both doing wonderfully....growing and learning each and every day. There are days that I am just blown away by how incredibly smart they both are. Kamri has FINALLY mastered all of her colors....and can pronounce words that start with the letter "f". Until recently that was a struggle for her. For the longest time feet = peet, phone = pone, and five = pive. But now she's finally got it down! And what does my dad have to say about this?? "Hey, Kamri's saying f-words now"!!!!! Thanks for that, dad!

At this point, we're getting ready for the holiday season ~ trying to make plans with all of the families and for all of the parties! My company Christmas party is on December 2nd....and I'm way excited!! We get to go to the Gaylord Texan again ~ it's so beautiful!

That's about it for now......see, I told you ~ not a lot to report. And now, I'm tired and I want to go home!

Mel : )