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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School Starts Again

And so begins a new school year. Ryann in first grade and Kamri started pre-k. The morning went much more smoothly than I expected. Woke up, bathed, dressed, ate breakfast, and we were off. Unfortunately for mommy, the girls don't both attend the SAME school. In fact their schools are about 10 minutes apart.....but Kamri starts at 7:45 and Ryann starts at 8:00 so we've been lucky in that at least.

First off, we droped off Ryann. Her teacher's name is Mrs. Clark and thusfar Ryann seems to really like her class. She (of course) came homes with a "green" for Monday. For anyone who doesn't know, this means that she didn't get in trouble and had no other problems that day. On Tuesday, same, well you get the picture. This is pretty much what I expect from Ryann the entire year.

One exciting thing starting for Ryann this year is her enrollment in a SPECIAL music program at her school. It's called Suzuki Strings......Ryann's going to learn to play a violin. It also requires a lot of parent involvement. I have to attend classes every Thursday night for the next six weeks. And every week thereafter, I'll be attending Ryann's private lessons on Wednesday mornings. She wasn't really sure what she thought of all of this until she heard Mr. Holden (instructor) play "Twinkle, twinkle little star" on his violin. Her eyes became the size of saucers!! So, we're really excited to get started! More to come on Ryann's progress in the first grade!

Kamri is attending Pre-K at L.P. Waters. She's been waiting for this for 2 years (basically since Ryann started school). However, before she could actually attend her first class, she had to have a physical and a few shots. This was not pleasant. She had to have 4 shots. And when we left she told me "I am SO DONE with those shots!" Yeah.....she's four! The good news is that she is in the 50th percentile for her weight (average) and in the 90th percentile for her height (way above average)......and she got a completely clean bill of health from the doctor. So, we were off to school.

Kamri's teacher is Mrs. Moyston. And I was a little dismayed to hear from her when I picked up Kamri on the first day of school that "Kamri doesn't like to walk in line and Kamri doesn't like to follow directions". But, we're working on those things and hopefully the rest of the school year will go much more smoothly. I'm looking into enrolling Kamri in dance or gymnastics.....we haven't decided which one yet.

Also, I've signed both of the girls up for the youth bowling league at my work. They'll be bowling on Saturday mornings starting September 13th. I'm hoping that it's something that they'll enjoy. They love going up to mommy's work and bowling......I'm hoping that continues when it's in a more structured setting.

More pics posted on our website.......since blogger doesn't really like me that much! Lol....

Love to all,

Melony, Ryann & Kamri

Sunday, August 03, 2008

My first tournament......

The PBA Southwest Region Doubles Tournament was held in Longview, Tx August 1-3. This was the first tournament that I was able to go and support Steve. It was a lot of fun. We spent 1 1/2 days together in Longview (where it's we had an awesome time. I feel so incredibly blessed to have this man in my life. My kids love him, my family loves him......and even though I haven't told him yet, I love him. He makes me happier than I've ever been.....even my family sees it. So, anyway - it was awesome. He didn't make it to the final cut, but he bowled REALLY well and came really close. He'll be bowling in Memphis August 9 & 10 and I have a feeling it's going to go really well for him there.

We're going to my parent's house this evening for my birthday dinner. Since my birthday is on Friday and I'll be working, we're celebrating a little early. I'm really looking forward to it since my family hasn't all gotten together since we went to Beavers Bend for my mom's birthday.

On another note, I'm going to start looking for another job this week. I've reached the point that I'm really tired of working long hours and making NO money. Plus, it would be very very VERY nice to have a STEADY amount of money coming in and have the extra benefit of that wonderful thing called insurance. So, I'll let you all know how the job hunt goes this week.

I also started working out this past week. I'm once again unhappy with the amount of weight that I've managed to it's time to shed a few (or 30) pounds. Updates on everything to come!!!

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