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Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh how the time flies swiftly........

So, here it is December 20th.....5 days before Christmas.....and we just started (and finished) our Christmas shopping all in one day! I'm pooped!'s done!

Both of the girls are gone now for the Christmas holiday. Ryann will be home on the Christmas afternoon and Kamri will be home on the 26th. We miss them terribly when they're gone, but know that they enjoy spending this time with their other families. But boy, let me tell you.......the week leading up to their departure was plain madness!!!

Monday night I stayed home from my meeting since the girls had been gone all weekend as well as Steve and we spent an evening just being together. Tuesday we had family movie night one last time before the girls left (we try to do this once a week). Wednesday we had cheer practice and then Christmas shopping for Steve and Gamaw. Thursday night was our annual tradition of going out to see Christmas lights with my parents. We always go out in our pjs and have popcorn and hot cocoa while we drive around looking at all of the lights. Friday was the final day.......we started out with school Christmas parties for both girls, then rushed home to bake cookies, trim the tree, wrap all of their Christmas gifts purchased for others and watched a final Christmas movie before heading out to their Christmas party for Stepz Gym. Needless to say, I was beyond exhausted by the time we got home.......but the fun doesn't end there!!

Saturday morning at approximately 3:00am Grant woke up with a wretched fever and a nasty Mommy didn't get much sleep that night. However, staying home in bed wasn't an option for sister, Brittany, graduated from Texas A&M Commerce on Saturday morning and we had a special lunch for her at my mom's house that afternoon. Sadly, Grant and I were the only ones able to attend since both girls were gone and Steve was bowling in a doubles tournament in Euless (where he made $900, thank you very much!!! So proud of him!!). Once all of this was done, we headed home where we could FINALLY rest. However, it was more of the same (coughing and fever) in the wee hours on Sunday morning, so we were not able to attend church (sad face). But, we certainly didn't want to pass our germs on to anyone else and we really had no way of knowing how sick he really was. So, we chilled around the house for the day.

We were able to get Grant in to see the doctor today and it turns out he has strep......the boy has never been sick a day in his life and now he has strep!!! Blegh! Here's hoping the rest of us don't end up with it although I haven't been feeling all the great the past couple of days......Lord, please here my sick Mommy and no sick baby for Christmas!!!

We have quite a few pics from our week of, check out our photo site to see them!! And check back soon for more mishaps and mayhem from our family!!

Hope everyone is well!

Melony, Steve, and the Sickly Grant

PS: Christmas cards go out tomorrow!!!! They're awesome! : )

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