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Friday, April 02, 2010

Still adjusting.........

Grant went for his two week well-check yesterday (which was actually 2 days AFTER his 2 week birthday) and got excellent reviews!!! He now weighs 8 lbs 9.5 oz which is exactly on target for weight gain. He hasn't grown any taller.......just been plumping up.....he really likes mommy's!! He's been sleeping really well, sometimes getting 4 hour stretches during the night. Mommy likes those!! He's starting to hold his head up a little and getting really strong!! Everyone just adores him when we go out ~ and of course the first thing EVERYONE comments on is the amount of hair our little guy has. He has so much of it that he sometimes doesn't look like a newborn baby!!! He'll be needing a haircut before long now!

The girls are doing really really well getting used to having Grant at home. They don't get quite as much of mommy's attention as before, but we spend time together whenever we can and they LOVE spending time with their brother. Last night we all went outside and enjoyed the weather together. Ryann rode her bike around and around the cul de sac and Kamri and I followed behind. We're still working on Kamri's bike riding skills........she'll get it before too long. It took Ryann about 20 minutes ~ I have no doubt Kamri will pick it up just as quickly.

Steve has bowled in a couple of league tournaments since the beginning of March and his team actually won first place in their division!!! This is really exciting to me because it means we've won a trip to San Antonio in May (I think it's in May)!!! We don't get too many adult weekends so I'm really looking forward to getting away and spending some time together!

Easter is in 2 days......Ryann is going to be spending the weekend with her Daddy but we are fortunate to have Kamri home with us. The plan as of right now is for us to all go to church on Sunday morning and we're going to take Kamri and Grant to an Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow.......assuming that the weather cooperates with us! Right now it's raining......ugh!

That's about it for now. Grant should be waking up soon for some of that yummy mommy milk and I have a few phone calls to make so I'll update again soon!

Hope everyone is going great!

Love to all,
Melony & the Family : )

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