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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Quick Update 9.17.2011

It is so hard for me to believe that a week has passed since my last post. The past 7 days have flown by so quickly that I can hardly remember them. With so many changes taking place at our house, we all kind of in adjustment mode just trying to figure it all out. And I have faith that we will.....but for now, things are a little chaotic.
Grant turned 18 months old this week and has a doctor's appointment on Monday to assess his growth and possibly to get more immunizations. I'll have to post the results of that visit next week. For now, he's busy growing and learning and climbing all over EVERYTHING!!! He has not learned how to use a stool to assist him in climbing onto the couch, his sister's bed, and anything else that looks even remotely interesting. He's a handful but we love him. Steve has now taken on the role of stay at home dad so he and Grant get to spend lots and lots of time together while mommy is at work and sisters are at school. He's also finally cutting his 10th tooth (thank goodness!). However, this tends to make him more than a little cranky. Nothing a little teething gel and Tylenol can't
Kamri is doing really well in school. After a couple of rough days during the second week, she got her act together and has had nothing but good behavior since. I'm so proud of her. Lately, the most common topic with KJ is her birthday which is just under a month away. which reminds me....I need to get on the ball with some party planning. I can't believe that she will be 8.
Ryann is also doing really well and her most recent interest is in running for a position as a member of student council at her school. She is very very excited about this and I can't wait to see how she does. Her "campaign" will consist of writing a speech to be delivered to two different classes at her school so we've got some work ahead of us this week. More to come on that later.
I could go on and on about my new job and how blessed I am to have been given this opportunity but for now I'll just say that I am SO happy to work where I do with with these wonderful women and leave it at that.
Alright all, I'm beat. It's been a crazy long week.
Hope everyone is well.
Love to all,

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