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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Post-Thanksgiving Update

I swear it seems like someone has changed the calendar somehow and I'm now only averaging about 5 days a week. And this same culprit has somehow managed to tack on about 47 things on the average day's list of "things to do today". I can't seem to keep up. It seems like I go to sleep on Saturday night and wake up on Thursday morning!!!

So, here we are on yet another Saturday evening and it's time for another update. Sadly, there isn't much to post about this week since our family has been only half its normal size all week. Both Ryann and Kamri left on Friday of last week to spend the Thanksgiving break with their Dads. I know that I've been doing this visitation thing for 9 years now, but I swear it never really gets any easier. I miss those two little girls like crazy when they're gone! Good thing I have a 1 ½ year old to keep me busy in their absence.

This week can pretty much be summed up in one word. BUSY!!! I worked 3 ½ days this week and was off work on Thursday and Friday. Since my family traditionally does not have our Thanksgiving dinner on Thursdays, we were invited to go spend that time with my boss' family. And while most people might think that's strange……it felt completely normal to us. Because as you may remember me mentioning, I have pretty much the most amazing boss on the planet and the ladies I work with are literally like family to me. So, we got to enjoy some family time with them on Thursday before Steve had to leave for work and Grant and I headed to my parent's house for a low-key dinner and then headed home. Up until late Thursday night, I still had not decided whether I was going to do any Black Friday shopping this year or not. But, in the end, the lure of shopping from home in my pjs definitely won out. And therefore, I didn't get the ONE deal that I really wanted…..and that's a new laptop. Mine completely died about 3 months ago and I've been borrowing Steve's since then while patiently waiting for the Black Friday sales to bring me an awesome deal. No such luck this year……so, I'll have to put that on my Santa Wish List.

I did however venture out Friday morning for some shopping time with my mom and was able to pick up a couple more Christmas gifts. Then I came home and prepared a VERY scaled down version of Thanksgiving dinner for Steve's dad and our family. Since there were only 3 adults and Grant….I didn't do anything elaborate. Just the Thanksgiving staples……but Paul was grateful and we were happy to be able to have a small Thanksgiving dinner with him.

Saturday morning I met up with Adam to pick up Ryann and then we headed to my parent's house for our family Thanksgiving dinner. It was wonderful even if we weren't all able to be there. Kamri is still at her father's house until Monday and Brittany showed up late due to being scheduled to work. And of course, since it's Saturday Steve had to be at work at 4:00. I'll have pictures of today's festivities to share as soon as I get them from my mom.

That's about it for us……it may not sound like much but I feel like I haven't slept more than 15 hours all week. And I really don't expect that to change much as Christmas gets closer. There's just so much to do and never enough time to get it all done. However, I would just like to say that I'm SO excited that I will have all three of my babies at home for Christmas this year! I LOVE odd years! :D

I'm sure that I'll have LOTS to post about in the next 30 days! So check back soon!

Love to all,
Melony : )

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