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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The start of something new.....

Yesterday was the start of another new school year. And I hadn't actually planned on posting again until this weekend, but since the first day of school is such an exciting day I figure it's worth posting about.

Monday morning rolls around and it's time to get up and start getting ready for school. Unfortunately for me, I have not slept at all in preparation for this day (and it isn't because I didn't try). So, it looks like it's going to be a long day......

We decided to try and drop off Ryann at her new school first since, in MY mind, it would take less time to say our goodbyes and whatnot....seeing as how her school is 3rd-5th grades. However, when you put 600 students in one campus and have all 1200 of their parents in 1200 different cars trying to drop them makes for one big fat hairy mess!!! The parking lot was a nightmare.....more to come on that later. But let's just say that I waited for almost 15 minutes just to find a parking spot. So, we go into the school and all of a sudden Ryann has a case of First-Day jitters and starts telling me that she doesn't want me to leave her.....huh?? Luckily, she quickly found her BBFF (boy best friend forever) from last year, Cody and double luckily....they are sitting right beside each other in class! I knew everything would be fine....

So, about 8:00 we leave Ryann's school......running behind of course....and get in the car to head over to Kamri's school to drop her off. As I'm backing out of my parking spot, I'm carefully looking around to make sure that all is clear since the parking lot is still something of a disaster. So, I'm sitting in line waiting to make my way out of this mess and I look in my rearview mirror. What do I see, you might ask???? A Ford F-25o backing up right in the direction of my truck and clearly not paying any attention.......yep, she hit me. Luckily it was a parking lot so she wasn't going very fast....and I was at a complete my truck suffered something between a scratch and a gouge.....again. I don't know why people keep feeling the need to back into or run directly into my truck!!! What a mess!

So, we finally leave Ryann's school and head just around the corner to Kamri's campus.....MUCH better parking situation I might add. Unfortunately, by this time I'm running seriously late. With the parking fiasco at Ryann's school and then the crazy lady backing into my truck we show up at Kamri's school at about 8:15....poor child. As I was walking her into her class, the principal was announcing over the intercom that all parents needed to start making their way to the front of the school so that the students could begin their, not only did I NOT have a chance to really talk to the teacher (or Kamri for that matter) but I only had time to take one picture.....and it's not even the best picture I could have gotten. Sorry baby girl.....Nonetheless, I did get ONE picture of Kamri sitting at her new desk. And then I had to rush out the door.

Both girls reported great first days!! And I am really excited to see what this new school year brings. My babies are growing up so fast!!! And by golly they are just so smart! : ) Of course I might be a little biased. ; )


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