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Sunday, August 28, 2011

The end of the hottest summer ever.....

Oh man, how I wish that statement were true. Unfortunately, it's more like a wish for things to come. While it is accurate to say that the "summer" as we know it is coming to a close, it could not be farther from the truth to say that it's anywhere close to cooling down. I thought it was rather funny that yesterday on Facebook I was notified of a post titled "On this day in 2010" was literally a post from my facebook page from August 27, 2010. And in my post I noted how wonderful the weather was that day and how I was looking forward to more cool days like that one. HA!!! We are still having days in the mid-high hundreds everyday. And I have no idea when that's going to change. Praying for a reprieve sometime soon.

As for us this probably seemed like a bit of a boring week for my kids. They started school on Monday and therefore each evening was devoted to trying to get us all back into the school time routine. Early mornings, early dinners, and early bedtimes. And we made it to school on time everyday!! For more info on the first day of school, see previous post.

Steve bowled in the Greenville PBA Regional yesterday and came close but didn't make the final cut. You win some and you lose some, I guess. This morning was his first soccer game with his new team.......and I hear it didn't go all that well either. Rough weekend for Steve. Poor guy.

Other than that we literally didn't do much of anything at all this week. Not sure what this next week has in store for us......more to come later.

Love to all,
Melony : )

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