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Saturday, September 03, 2011

In these small moments…..

As a parent, I sometimes have those days moments when I wonder what in the world is wrong with my children?!?! I don't understand some of the things they do! How can someone so small make me want to pull all of my hair out and scream at the top of my lungs?? But then, as anyone who's a Mommy or Daddy will tell you, something happens that makes your heart swell with pride. I had just such a moment yesterday.

Our daily afternoon routine requires me to pick Kamri up from school before Ryann since they are now are different campuses and Kamri's school lets out 10 minutes earlier than Ryann's. So as I'm sitting in line waiting to pick up Kamri I'm watching all of the kiddos come out of the school and thinking how tiny they all look. See, QISD (along with every other district in Texas) suffered severe budget cuts this year and therefore had to re-arrange the schools a little bit. As a result, Pre-K and Kindergarten are now at Kamri's campus along with 1st and 2nd graders. So, my Kamri who is now 7 (almost 8) and NOT small for her size literally towers over some of these 4 and 5 year olds. It still gets me every time I see them walk out of the school together.

So, yesterday I'm sitting in line and they call Kamri's name to come outside. And as she's coming out of the door, a very young looking girl is standing on the sidewalk crying…..probably feeling a little overwhelmed still from all of the newness of school…..and almost definitely sleepy and needing a short nap. But there she was crying as Kamri walks out of the school. And my Kamri… sweet loving girl…..stops on the sidewalk and kneels down to talk to the little girl. I'm in my car at this point, so of course I can't hear their interaction…..but it was a truly endearing interaction to watch. Because the little girl spoke to Kamri, wiped the tears from her eyes, and then walked hand-in-hand down the remainder of the sidewalk where her parent was waiting to pick her up.

Even now, sitting here a day later recounting this memory I still tear up a little. And it honestly makes my heart smile. My girls definitely have days where they make me wonder who this mischievous little alien is that has inhabited their bodies…….but occasionally they unknowingly show me the little angels inside them……and it makes me want to praise God for allowing me to be their Mama.

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Not that it's of any real consequence, but I wrote this post on Tuesday and was finally able to post it to our blog on Saturday. For some reason posting from Word sometimes gives me issues. Just a side-note.